Oh man.  If you have thought about baking your own bread, seriously - get on it.  As part of my minimalist-y and mindful living mission, I am getting into making things from scratch - so far I have been doing pastry, cakes, bickies (of course, by scratch I mean from the base ingredient, not actually growing the wheat etc.  Ha.) and bread and next, I am going to batch make pasta sauce for the nights when Mr O is at karate and I don't want to cook.  The stuff I have been buying at the supermarket is full of crapola.  Hell, I might even move on to the pasta itself.

ANYWAY, I digress, I just had a fresh crust still HOT from the oven smeared with a very stinky cheese which Mr O's lovely workmate sent me today and it was the SCHIZ.  Bliss.  If only I hadn't polished off that red wine on the weekend. 

Really, it's very simple to make bread and although the taste takes a little getting used to after the supermarket stuff (especially in Japan where the bagged and sliced stuff has the nutritional value of cardboard), once you do, you will never go back.

Anyone got any great bread making recipes?

Meanwhile - back at the ranch, today was a very productive day.  I narrowed by belt collection down to four belts, cleared out half my handbag collection - saying goodbye to a few along the way, made a pile of clothes that I am not entirely sure I am madly in love with to test out over the coming weeks and commissioned a few frocks to the bye bye pile, baked bread, shipped off a donation of fabric to a school in Shizuoka, played with the divine Little Miss O AND assembled two new desks for our home office/craft/guest room.  

Fun, fun, fun.

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