Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Here's that Little Red Riding Hood Cape I was talking about. I used the very cute book Oliver + S Little Things to Make for the pattern and although it was a bit of a pain to cut all the panels out and pin them, it actually was very simple to sew...and I think, quite effective. The button sucks - but that was all that was hanging around in my mum's sewing box in my last few days in Sydney, so...that's what I put on. I hope my friend likes it. Yay for dress-ups. Back in the Toke now, continuing what seems to be a lifelong decluttering project. Ho-hum. My next major project will be a revamp of our guest room/craft room/home office which is a very grand name for the pile of junk in a tiny box room in our itsy bitsy flat.
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