Samsara project: Eco bags to laundry sorters which things pass through states of existence...


Yep. This is it.  Well, not quite.  I am sure my idea of a good time has a lot more to do with friends, great music and martinis, but hey..this comes a close second.  

At our place there are a looooot of eco bags.  Those envirosax ones (which, by the way, I love.  I have had the same ones for about five years, and I use them almost every day.  My mum bought me some new ones a while ago, but I am still running the old faithfuls.  I think those babies are going to live forever.   Excellent.), ones given to me by friends, ones that came with purchases and so on.  It was time to purge a few for the sake of space and clarity, so while some of them have now been used to bundle up things that are leaving the house, some of them were transformed into laundry bags.  

In a frenzy of upcycling, I cut them up, patched them back together to make fabric, stitched the handles together in long strips to make drawstrings, cut out my required size from the new "fabric" and sewed the above.  I then labelled them "W" for whites, "H" for handwashing and "R" for cleaning rags and hung them on the washing machine using magnetic hooks.

Why this madness, I hear you cry?  To save time and maintain order in the Okuda household.  This way, no little piles of whites or handwashing accumulate on the floor around the machine and no rags languish in buckets in the way for days.  Also, I don't have to sort the washing before I do it - it's all PRE-SORTED.  Finally, I can think fondly of my lovely friends every time I do washing.  Genius.

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