A blog post about pens

Yep.  That's right.  A blog post about my stationery drawer.  But, oh, dear readers, look how gorgeous it is and how ordered and how the cutting things are all together and the sticking things are all together and how there are neat little containers for everything.  AND - I found my Swiss Army knife which, incidentally, is one of my greatest garbage room finds to date.  The greatest, of course, being the CD player that was still in its box that Little Miss O and I use every single day.  Again - I am sure true minimalists have less stationery, but this is a good start for me.  

I am applying minimalism as a concept not only to possessions but to...time.  I want to have everything ordered and neat and logical so as to cut down time wasted on finding crap, cleaning crap and so on and so forth.  Minimalise wasted time.

In my ideal world, I would just have my fountain pen which has purple ink and which can be used over and over again for ever and ever.  I will get there one day.

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