Waste not, want not

At my parents' place of an evening, I get time to fiddle around with various projects and creative bits and pieces, which is fabulous.  It's so so so wonderful to have time to myself without babies or husbands or noise or anything...much as I love my little fam.
As I am always interested in ways to reduce waste, I have been experimenting with a little weaving, using all those long straggly bits of leftover fabric from cutting out.  Yes - I was tired or possibly remotely unsober when I did some of this as you can see by the fact that I skipped several warps or wefts, but next time, I shall take more care.  As is my way, I was in a bit of a rush to get it done to see how it worked out.  Hm.
It's pretty simple - cut notches in a piece of card a bit bigger than the size of the thingie you want to make, tie the warp (? or is it the weft?) threads on and then weave the others through on one side.  Hand stitch all around and then gently cut and ease it off, then stitch on the machine.  I will probably put some photographic instructions up at some stage, but now, dear reader, I want to go and upcycle cardigans for Little Miss O - who, by the way, is now walking.  Clever little chicken.

P.S.  I made a fanTAStic Little Red Riding Hood cape yesterday - will post pics anon, anon, a nonny nonny hey nonny non.  xx


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