Such a card!

When I was at school, I really used to love getting ready for the new school year - sharpening the pencils, getting the new textbooks and covering my school books and folders - so much so that I would be doing it weeks in advance. I remember being sprung by my older brother's friends one night in the act of making collages for my folders waaaaaaaay too early for it to be cool and being a little embarrassed about my eagerness. However, I seem to have remained undaunted as here is more evidence of my for next Christmas! I used;

1) New cardstock - anyone know of a good supplier of recycled card stock? I just don't go through enough cereal boxes to generate enough cardboard
2) Recycled wrapping paper
3) Recycled Christmas cards

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?

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  1. Well done to you for planning ahead! I love using bit of old Chrissie cards to recycle for tags or wrapping....


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