Oops - I did it again!

I know - what kind of aspiring minimalist am I? A crap one. However, I am trying to be an eco-fashionista at least. I popped into the Lifeline (Harbord Rd, Brookvale) as it was $1 Friday again. But - can you imagine...children's clothes are only 50c. FIFTY CENTS! I have got Little Miss O kitted out until she is about five now. Seriously. Will just have to add a few pairs of leggings and tshirts if I can't make them out of her old ones (more about this later) - fair trade and or eco ones, of course. This swag cost AUD10. Wow. AND - even better - I have been longing for a red heart necklace and almost bought one at a consignment shop for AUD15 the other day but changed my mind and lo and behold - there was one at Lifeline. Fab. I seriously recommend if you have kids or are going to have a kid to go down and check it out. More on my sewing and crafting later.

Oh - by the way - I finished "To Die For". If you are at all interested in eco fashion or worried about the effect your wardrobe is having on the world...READ IT. A fabulous book.
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