Hello dolly!

FINALLY I have an internet connection, so I can catch up on all my emailing and blogging and reading and so on while Little Miss O is asleep.  Hooooorah.  I am about to get stuck into making her some winter pjs from some very cute flannel I got at the opshop and also cutting out a Red Riding Hood cape for my friend's little girl, but I thought I would post this little project.  This is a felt doll circa 1950s that my Grand-aunt gave me recently.  She was very dusty from a long time being stored, so I

  • put her in the freezer for a week to kill off any insects
  • pulled out all her old stuffing
  • handwashed her several times until her felt went back to bright red
  • re-stuffed her with clean new stuffing
  • stitched her back up, darned a few small holes and stitched her hair and her cap back in place
I am quite pleased with the results although I think she will be a looking at dolly, not a playing dolly.  More of what I have been up to anon...

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