The Buck Stops Here

Dear readers, as you all know, I have been working on, or let's say TRYING to work on living a life more in tune with my, minimalist, crafty, slooooow and so on.  Sometimes, I have been successful and sometimes I haven't, but whatever, it's time to up the ante.  I am still living a life beyond my means and still accumulating more stuff than I need and wasting time thinking about stuff, accumulating stuff, looking at stuff, talking about stuff, shifting stuff...and it makes me cringe.

At present, let's just say that the cashola is not flooding in Chez Les O, so it's time to really take stock and pull my socks up - and whatever other cliches I can come up with.  It is, dear readers, time to Mend and Make Do.  I want to be free of the lure of stuff, free of the desire for stuff.  I want to use my creativity.  I want to keep our lives simple.  I want to save money.  Hell, I want to save the planet.

So - what am I going to do?

1) Firstly, I think I really need to look at my whole way of thinking.  I have to get rid of my "stockpile" mentality and just use what we have and then replace it if and when we need it.  I am such an "in case" and "famine mentality" buyer.  The solution - make a list.  When something comes up that I think we need, I shall write it down and then wait (unless it's a basic need such as food or hygiene products) for a cooling off period of a month before looking at it again and seeing if we really do need it.

2) Secondly, I need to stop the "hobby" shopping - the casual trawling of shops and websites looking for stuff to buy when I don't actually need anything at that time.  This will be good because I will find I have more time to do other things if I stop wasting my time shopping or window shopping.

3) Thirdly, I need to use up and make do.  I have millions (figuratively!) of pairs of shoes, yet I keep going out looking for more, for example.  I need to use up the things that I have until they can't be used no more, no more, no more and then think about replacing them - if indeed, they need replacing.  And if I think we need something, to look around and see if, in actual fact, there is something around the house that we could use instead. And yes - I am going to consider re-gifting.  I know - that's a contentious one, but there you go.  I am going to be brave enough to say I am going to do it.  Not just giving people any old crap, but things they would like.  I also need to make do with what is available.

4) Fourthly, I need to make.  I have plenty of supplies and a fairly creative mind, so I need to put those both to use and start making things that we need and making gifts.  Time is a bit of an issue, but that might increase if I stop shopping!  Win-win.  Woohoooo!

5) Lastly, I need to declutter.  I want all this crap that is cluttering up my house and my life OUT.  I might try to sell some of it, but that is quite difficult to do, so I might just give most of it away, even though the little bit of extra cash might come in handy for our savings box. goes....


  1. You're good. I like your eco-goals. Don't be too hard on yourself tho, it aint easy being green!

    1. Hah - exactly. Don't worry - I am deeply lacking in willpower, but I will try my best.


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