I am a sucker for a bit of printed cord, so when I saw this sweet little dress at the Salvos the other day for AUD2, I couldn't resist. It had quite a bit of marking, which is why it was so cheap (Salvos are getting so expensive these days!), so I thought a bit of a good old soak in whitener ( I use the ecostore one) would do the trick. It didn't, so I had to resort to a bit of creative applique. I had a red tshirt that Little Miss O had outgrown, and I had already cut the cute motif off and sewn it on to another new tshirt, so I used that fabric for the hearts. I am quite pleased with the results - gives the dress a bit of interest and covers up most of the marks. Hoorah! Another thrifty addition to madam's wardrobe.
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  1. Great idea, looks so cute with those little hearts. Your little lady is growing up!

    1. Thank you, lovely! Yes - she is - so fast - almost walking now and saying and doing lots of funny things.


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