Here's a little lentil loaf fresh out of the oven. In a sort of "lazy domestic goddess" type fashion, I am now making and freezing meals. Ha - who would imagine I would be such a housewife. Still, I figure if I do that, then there is more time to spend running, hanging with little Miss O and my friends and sewing. I might even get some more freelance work. That would be nice. Don't think I was born for housewifery, just between you and me, dear reader.

This recipe is from Little Eco Footprints and is not only a great recipe - but I LOVE the idea of sharing the food joy.  It's so inspiring to read about grassroots movements where people are getting together and doing more community-oriented, local, eco type things.  Love it.

While on the topic of food - just a little review of the Healthy Planet, Healthy Me November.  I did OK. I think I do better at other people's challenges, oddly enough - more pressure to perform.  We ate mostly local, seasonal, organic or fair trade and discovered the joy of how delicious autumn apples are.  YUM.  I also discovered how much is imported into Japan AND some interesting places to source little bits of organic and local food, which is great for an ongoing thing.  I also discovered that I am a complete caffeine and sugar ADDICT.  I wonder what is in season for December...

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  1. Housewifey stuff still gets the better of me too, you're good to do the freezer meal thing, sometimes I do, but not often. Yum to your lentil loaf!

  2. I started doing it last week and it made SUCH a difference. It is yum - give it a whirl!


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