Gift Manifesto

This coming year;

Give me a handmade birthday card.
Bake me your best recipe.
Take me to dinner or lunch or coffee or brunch and spend time with me talking and laughing and eating and drinking.
Introduce me to your favourite wine and cheese.
Fill my pantry with yummy organic items that are hard to get in Japan - coffee, lentils, tahini, honey...etc.
Scent my bath or my hair or my house with eco potions, lotions, oils and candles.
Buy me a secondhand copy of your favourite novel that I can pass on to someone else later.
Choose some beautiful writing paper for me so I can then send you some snail mail joy one day.
Take me to your favourite picnic spot.
Make me a mixed a podcast. Or update my itunes library.
Take me dancing, to karaoke or for cocktails.
Send me a parcel full of my favourite sweets.
Take me to see a band or to a play.
Donate to a charity that I believe in - education, rights for girls and women, environment...
Or just skype me to say hello.
Or even...spend your hard-earned money on yourself, taking out your kids or getting romantic with your lurved one instead.  I won't mind a bit.

But please, please, please - don't give me any stuff...My house is full, my cupboards are bursting - I don't want to clean it or take care of it or store it or dust it or think about it.  I don't need any more. Let's stop the exhausting task of running around trying to find things to give to people, of exhausting ourselves and our credit cards...and just keep it simple.

Come the revolution!


  1. I can't believe there are no comments here, this is the best post I have come across in a very long while. I am going to share it, hope you don't mind, it is just so perfect. What a lovely journey you are on.
    Peace, Andrea

  2. oh - thank you very much! please feel free to share it. happy new year!


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