A thrifty wardrobe refresh

Finally got back to the flea market today after a hiatus of about a year. Oh the withdrawal symptoms - let me tell you! Anyway - Little Miss O's oji-chan took her around while I got to do a spot of bargain hunting. I decided to focus on tops and accessories because basically - and probably very uncreatively, I mostly wear denim on the lower half of my body. Ain't noone going to feature me on The Sartorialist, but hey. As you can see from the above, I scored some absolute bargains. 100JPY = approx AUD1.30, so most of these things were a pretty decent deal.  I love shopping at the flea market or opshops (especially church opshops cos there is normally a bit of raisin toast and a cuppa on offer)...I know - derr, I think we have established that.  Anyway - besides the price factor and the eco factor, there is the fact that you are more likely to go for something you might not have tried before.  I mean - at shops, people have their favourite shops and their favourite brands, and it is sometimes hard to break out of that mould - maybe just from sheer laziness.  At an opshop or fleamarket, a whole range of styles, brands etc. are available - a bit more diversity, if you like.   It might encourage you to push the boundaries a bit on your own personal style.  Maybe.

Anyway...roll on the next one, I say...wouldn't mind a few "new" accessories....
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