Sewing for kids: A spot of upcycling

Mr O was out at karate last night and Little Miss O went to bed early, so I finally got some time with my sewing machine. It had been too long, believe me. From left to right;

1) Tshirt made from old rompers that were too short in the body.
2) Tshirt made from old body suit that was too short in the body.
3) Tshirt made from an old tshirt that was too short and another too small tshirt that had a cute motif.
4) Gilet made from a cardigan that was too short in the arms and too narrow in the body - it is double breasted, so I just moved one set of buttons across.
5) Same as 1)

YAY! New clothes for Little Miss O. I still have a pile of very cute too small clothes, so keep an eye out for other new upcycles. Oh - there was also a little dress made by attaching the top of a bodysuit to fabric from a cute top that is too small, but had enough fabric to make a little skirt for the frock, but she was wearing it when I took the pic.
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