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Ahh - I do like a Wednesday evening. Mr O at karate, Little Miss O in bed. I have to admit, I am missing my usual Wednesday evening beverage, but still - it's probably good for me. What is probably not good for me is the divine smelling apple frangipane tart that is currently baking in my oven. I am going to a potluck lunch tomorrow - GOOD GOD! What have I become? A FULL housewife. (I would just like to indicate at this point, with no disrespect for SAHM, that I am actually rebuilding my little working from home/cafe writing/editing/proofreading empire at the feels goooood.) Anyway - apples are in season, so am going a bit crazy for the apple things at the moment.

However, I digress. What I wanted to talk about is the good old festive season as it is rolling around faster than ever. This year, it is coming with Little Miss O's first birthday shortly beforehand, so it is all systems go. As per last year, I am still trying to keep it simple and have gone for the following ideas;

1) Secondhand. OK - let's call it vintaaaage or antique, but some of my friends/family are getting pre-loved gifts this year. Of course, I had to choose carefully - only some people "get" it.

2) Food. No - not a generic tin of shortbread. However, I am going to be giving gifts of wine and chocolate this year. Carefully thought out and researched wine and hard-to-get oh so delicious chocolate. There is nothing wrong with giving a gift of amazing food. At Little Miss O's birthday party, I will be handing out bags of beautifully wrapped home made sugar cookies at the end instead of some crappy plastic shite.
3) Organic. From gorgeously decadent body lotion to little stripey leggings, there are going to be quite a few organic gifts under my tree this year. It's all part of my plan to try to keep to local, seasonal, fair trade, sustainable, organic, handmade, preloved etc. for everything in my life as much as possible.
4) Handmade. Sadly not by me this year...but by others, which is almost as good. I want to start early next year and start sewing gifts for the whole year right from the start, so there is not a mad panic at the end. I am planning to maybe whip up a few pairs of frilly pants for Little Miss O to wear on her Sydney summer jaunt if I have time.
5) Eco-friendly. Sustainable paper colouring books, solar powered toy kits, upcycling project kits, sustainable wooden toys... lots of eco-friendly bits and pieces coming from Santa.
6) Wishlisted. The lovely Mr O took me to a shop and showed me exactly what he wanted for Christmas - a very practical, light, machine washable down jacket. That way, he gets what he wants/needs and nothing gets stashed at the back of the cupboard like the silly picnic BBQ I bought him a few years back. I know - who knows why? That might be going to the fundraising bazaar this weekend...
7) Simple. Aside from Little Miss O who is getting two toys, a book and one outfit, pretty much everyone else is just getting one or at the most two gifts. I haven't got oodles of cash, so I am not going to go crazy with consumer madness - but I have put a lot of thought and research into my gifts, I think. I hope.

I must confess to one or two digressions - a gorgeous something for a friend and a fabulous Japanese game for my nephew (see awesome is that - a game about tofu?!) that don't come under any of those categories...but I never said I was perfect.
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