I did it!

Woohoo - It is November 1st, and therefore, I made it through the Buy Nothing New month. Woohoo. (Speaking of nothing new, this is a house near where we live that still has a traditional food storage building attached. Cool.) Actually, it wasn't so hard. I can't say I didn't think of things I wanted to buy, and I did a bit of window shopping, but a lot of the things, I thought...naaaah. I can do without those.

Now, it's the first day of the Healthy Planet, Healthy Me Challenge. Happily, whilst looking for organic soy sauce, I found some yummy looking organic spinach pasta and other organic items at my local Tokyu store. I am going to include tips on where to find organic/fair trade stuff in Japan, not because I want to promote those places, but because it is pretty difficult to find at times, so it is always good to have a bit of a sourcebook. Actually, that is one of the directions I would like this blog to take...providing useful info about eco/mindful living things, especially in Japan, but hopefully also in general.

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