Such a card!

Life with Little Miss O does not seem to leave me much time for anything else - something I really need to get sorted out, but I did manage to whip up some cards and invites over the past week or two. I used;

*thrifted Christmas cards
*cardboard I had at home
*Hello Kitty hiragana poster that I had on the wall when I was learning hiragana
*a lovely tree stamp my friend gave me last Christmas and my trusty alphabet stamps
*a thrifted pattern that did not have all its pieces
*a remnant of a fab piece of wrapping paper my cousin gave me

Basically, the whole shebang cost me about AUD5, which is not too bad for about 40 Christmas cards and 15 party invites. Hooorah. I am crossing my fingers that I can get my schedule more organised so I can move on to some sewing.

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