Healthy planet, healthy me/the end of Buy Nothing New is upon us

Just gearing up ready for this and doing some research on seasonal foods.  Seems my computer has not been saving my bookmarks which is so deeply frustrating, I cannot begin to explain.  Sigh.  Regardless - found this rather lovely website which tells me what is in season in the UK at this time of year, so I figure that in general, it will be the same in Japan... Now, I just need to find some great recipes for these foods.

By the way, I have accepted that I cannot survive without one coffee a day - yes - addiction, so I am allowing myself that.  I also am making an allowance for food that we already have in the pantry as I don't want good food to go to waste.

By the way - for organic/veggie food in Japan - try Tengu.

Meanwhile, at the Buy Nothing New ranch, things are winding down for the month.  I forgot to mention, Little Miss O and I did a spot more shopping at the baby recycled shop.  Hm - I also have to say that her daddy and her oba-chan chose some clothes for her that were new...but that is their business, not mine.

And so to the bunting sewing....


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