Feed me - mini-challenge

As I mentioned previously, I could not be arsed going to the shops on the weekend, so I decided to get creative and use up the food we already have in the house to last us until Monday morning. Thus, I scoured the freezer, pantry and fridge to work out what I had to work with. I admit to sending Mr O to the convenience store for some bread and two tins of tuna - but that was only 300yen...woohoo.

Obviously, the breakfast pictured above would make a French person cringe - croissants and baked beans!!? Sacre bleu! It was what we had in the fridge though, and damn it - it was yummy. I made some soup from corn, potato, carrot and onion, whipped up some tuna and spring onion rosti....it was fun to think of ways to use what we already had, so I am going to keep going with that vibe...

Anyone else up for the mini-challenge?

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