Buy Nothing New October 2011 Days 7-10

Woohoo.  Today means that I am a third of the way through the challenge and so far, I have not been even remotely tempted to break the rules - except for the sock incident, but that was for the bubba.  It has been a hectic last few days of friends and family.  I have been baking cupcakes and distributing them to new found buddies...although one batch went mysteriously flat, which was annoying.  Used the potatoes given to me by the neighbours to make some rather fine rosemary-roasted potato salad and hash browns for public holiday Monday brunch.  Yesterday, my little family took a trip to Kiba park where we happened upon a matsuri - lots of great portable shrines and a mini flea market where Mr O bought Little Miss O a secondhand book called ゆき.  Very cute.  There are plenty of fleamarkets in Tokyo.  Love a fleamarket.We stopped off at the Museum of Contemporary Art and checked out an interesting exhibition on Berlin-based artists - Berlin 2000-2011 - Playing Among the Ruins.  My favourite was these amazing collages made from the insides of envelopes...the patterned parts.  They were really beautiful...and rubbish into art...As opposed to rubbish art.  Haha.


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