Buy Nothing New October 2011 Days 2&3, plus a little message from the minimalist god

Hmm... there should be a photo here...but there is not because last night my mac imploded...taking out all my photos, baby photos..the lot.  And no..I did not have everything backed up because when I tried to back them up last, my hard drive was too small to hold them all.  Now...after sobbing wildly, I am trying to be `Pollyanna` about the whole thing and find a silver lining.  Well... I guess, there is an incentive for digital minimalism I only have the photos that were on my external hard drive and that I posted on facebook...which were a select few...a kind of enforced decluttering of my digital files. As for all the word and excel files...I have them backed up and this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of all my ridiculous spreadsheets and lists and so on and keep it basic - my addresses, passwords and budget.  This is how I am consoling myself.  And in the end, they are only possessions..even if of a kind of intangible nature.  It was like when many moons ago, my great grandmother`s wedding ring fell off my was really sad as it had been given to me by my grandma and I really loved it, and I cried and cried, but in the end, it was just a thing, and it did not alter my health, my life nor how I felt about my nanny.

Meanwhile...days two and three of the buy nothing new month are going well.  Little Miss O and I popped into the library and got lots of lovely kiddy books in English, French, Japanese and Chinese to read this week as we have read all her picture books many times over.  What was weird..a little side note...was the book sterilising unit at the library entrance.  Well, I never!


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