Buy Nothing New October 2011 day 6

Yesterday left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.  Firstly, after going a bit overboard on ordering organic baby food online, I felt guilty about spending all that money (although groceries are allowed), so I actually cancelled the order, instead of going...ohhh...whatever and ploughing ahead.  Then, I sold some patterns on ebay - not for much, but that is still some more stuff gone out of my house and some money in the savings box.  At the children's drop-in centre - which is a cool, free community centre for kiddies - Little Miss O rocked out with a tambourine, and I made a new friend.  I cut some more bunting triangles and patchwork squares from my scrap fabric, so I managed to clear out even more of my junk and get lots of pieces for Little Miss O's birthday party decorations and some patchwork projects.  I also met a woman on the way home who was admiring Little Miss O, and it turns out she lives in my building.  In the evening, she dropped around with a bag of Hokkaido potatoes.  Very sweet. 

All this happiness and not a cent spent on STUFF.  Hoorah.  Now, I am off to bake some cupcakes for my new friends.


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