Buy Nothing New Days 19 - 23 close to the end now - just a week or so to go. Have been enjoying having that little bit extra cash to spend and no stuff to speak of coming into the house. My lovely cousin is visiting at the moment, and she did bring a rather lovely gift - a gorgeous scented candle from one of my favourite stores in China - Shanghai Tang. It smells like ginger flower and last night, we whacked on a CD of 30s Chinese divas and lit the candle...and BAM! There we were back in old Shanghai. Or something. She also brought me some savoiardi bickies and some Kahlua, so tomorrow, I am going to try to make tiramisu for the first time. YUM. We treated ourselves to a night at a five star hotel at the airport as she came in on a late flight..hello buffet breakfast. I am training myself to see the value in experiences more than stuff...well, I DO see the value in experiences already - but to see that stuff is not necesary to enhance the experience. Or something along those lines.
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  1. Great photo of the carriage - I love the velvety colors and I love the fact it is empty too :)


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