Buy Nothing New - days 4&5

Phew - almost had an incident today...poor little Miss O had a pooh explosion and I had no clean socks for her in my bag, and so I thought I would have to buy some socks as it was cold, and I am not about to compromise her for my weird little obsessions.  HOWEVER!  She was in her rain cover most of the day which is like a sauna, so her little feet were warm as toast.  Result.  Took my computer in to be fixed (hopefully) and enjoyed not buying anything but eating a yummy Freshness Burger bean burger.  Mmmmm.

Yesterday, as I have more free time as I am spending less time shopping/thinking about stuff, Little Miss O and I cleared out the garden pots that had been abandoned for six months, replanted garlic, trimmed back the tomatoes, weeded, watered, moved the rosemary to a bigger pot, ripped out the dead plants and planted some free flower seeds we were given at Shibamata on Sunday.  Yay.


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