Buy Nothing New Day 26

Am actually only halfway through Day 26, but this afternoon's plan is to eat Violet Crumbles and work on bunting for Little Miss O's first birthday party.  Nothing like a bit of bunting.

I have realised that the household budget was blown a little over the past few days when my cousin came to visit...on food, basically - I went the rat on some foreign products for baking and dessert making and so on, so I have decided to set myself a teeny mini challenge for the rest of the week, which is to spend no more than 150yen on any one item of food.  It was originally going to be 100 yen, but there was virtually nothing in the shops for that little.

So yesterday, I bought the following;
Crab sticks
Pasta sauce
Pineapple juice
Bamboo shoots
I made noodle soup with the udon, half the bamboo, one carrot and some wakame I already had and served it with a green salad and tofu. This morning, I used the other carrot and half an onion and some chickpeas and potatoes I already had to make soup for lunch for a few days.  Fortunately, I already have staples like porridge and Weetbix in the cupboard, so I don't have to worry about brekky.  For tonight, I got some spinach which I am going to cook and serve with sesame seeds and soy sauce, some frozen broccoli which was half price and some cod to serve with green salad and rice.

Not only am I doing this because I spent a lot at the beginning of the week, but also because I am addicted to putting money in my money box at the end of the day or week AND because I want to make myself pay a bit more attention to the price of things rather than just grabbing what I think I need regardless of price, basically.  I shall have to print myself a list of what is in season too - I would really like to work on "food".  At present, I do not pay too much attention to seasonal produce, eat way too much sugar and rely too heavily on carbohydrates.  In addition, I want to be more careful about the amount of fish I eat - for various reasons - the main one being overfishing, of course.  It is way too easy to just grab some sushi when I do not want to cook.

Much food for thought there - excuse the pun.


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