Pineapple Challenge - the finale!

Cardigan  - $6 from Lifeline

Shirt - $6 from Lifeline

Geoffrey Beene vest - $7 from the Smith Family

Merino wool jumper - $12 from the Smith Family

Jacket - $15 from Lifeline

Eherm - those of you who have added up all my prices, may notice that I actually failed the Pineapple Challenge - blew out the budget by $10.  Luckily, I am the boss of my challenges, so there is no-one to scold me except myself, and I wasn't going to lie about it.  Hm - I guess opshops around here aren't as cheap as they used to be AND I really wanted to get stuff that I liked, rather than the stuff that might have been cheaper but I wouldn't have worn.  Still $60 for a basic winter wardrobe isn't bad.  The money goes to charity and nothing new was created to get me dressed.  All right!  I'm working on another challenge idea - based on Project 333. It's a minimalist wardrobe challenge - or at least a beginner minimalist challenge.  More soon....

I enjoyed that so much, I think I will go for another Pineapple Challenge...once I think of one.  Of course, there's a summer wardrobe to think about (I saw some gorgeous things on my travels, but didn't buy them because I was supposed to be focused on winter) that might be an idea.  As I mentioned - I would like to keep a capsule wardrobe in Sydney, so that I don't have to travel with masses of stuff.   I think for me, setting myself a budget (even if I blow it out a little!  Ooops!) is a good way of keeping things under control.  OOOOH!  Maybe a gift-buying Pineapple Challenge...

More anon... 


  1. Nice little shopping spree, but don't be too hard on yourself, you purchased things that you needed, and blowing the budget by $10 isnt so bad!


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