Arrrgh.  You know when you are at a restaurant, and you know one dish is really good, but you want to try a different one for a change?  Then you order it and it sucks and you feel quite depressed?  Well, anyway, I had the same experience but with jumble sales today.  I had a CHOICE of three - one awesome one, one so-so one and one unknown.  Thinking I might try something new and because it was near to my house so the Lady and I could just walk there,  I decided to go to the unknown.  We set out bright and early in order to beat the crowds.  Ahaha.  I walked past and saw nothing but a couple of sad tables and a few grotty old plastic chairs, so I figured it must have all been inside.  Bravely, I ventured in...only to find that was it.  I almost cried thinking about the other fabulous jumble sale that had, my friends, a whole ROOM of fabric last time.  Still - I felt bad, and they did have some cute knitted toys, so I got a koala for the Lady to give to her when she becomes an Australian citizen.  He's pretty cute.


  1. aww thats a lovely idea to give your little lady the little Koala for Australian citizenship! Such a shame about your disappointment of jumble sale though


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