Designing Your Life

I am currently obsessed with Zen Habits, so I thought I'd think about designing my life.  What would I do if I had nothing to do?  People might argue that as I am currently unemployed, pretty much, I have nothing to do, but there is always Little Miss O to keep me busy.

Goodness - where would I begin? An early rising - as long as I can go to bed early-ish, I love getting up at around 6am.  The day seems so much longer.   It'd have to involve a morning flick through the papers with coffee.  Definitely lots of play and cuddles with Little Miss O.  Some writing and reading.  Some sewing.  Maybe some baking.  I love baking bread.  Listening to the radio.  I'd love to take a walk to the beach every day - looking at the sea makes me very calm.  I'd also like to do some sport that really makes me feel sweaty and like I've really worked out hard such as boxing, weightlifting, running.  And at night, some quality time with Mr O...maybe a bath together, some yummy dinner and snuggling.  From time to time, I'd like it to include some hanging out with friends, a good movie,  the theatre, ballet or opera, a meal out, visiting art galleries, learning something new, volunteering and some opshopping and food and flea markets.  And as little cleaning and errand running as is humanly possible.


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