Samsara project: Old clothes to PJ tops which things pass through states of existence...

Had a rummage through my suitcase of projects to upcycle the other and decided to make some PJ tops to go with these pants.  I had a nightie that was looking a bit worse for wear and a top that I never really wore but I liked the fabric.  (The blue pants in the pic are another project....)

I chopped off the bottom of the nightie to make it top length and then replaced the sad looking straps with some cream lace that I got at a church market.

For the pink top, I sewed up the sides and cut off the sleeves.  Then I turned the sleeves into pretty straps.  And if it doesn't work for me, I will alter it a little more to make a sundress for the little girl.

Thus I now have cute tops to go with my loud summer PJ pants, and I didn't spend a diiiiiiiime.


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