Lessons from my Wardrobe part 3

Slightly younger, chubbier days.

There's definitely a pattern emerging here.
1) Boots.  I love boots.  Love them.  These are a particularly favourite pair that have been reheeled and resoled a couple of times, but now, the zip is going funny.  I am seriously thinking of having it repaired too.  I like boots over jeans - I was a bit dubious of it at first, but now I work that look often.
2) The denim skirt - can't tell if this is a mini or a pencil...
3) Cardigans - I like them better than jumpers, I think - even though they make me feel colder around the neck.  Although that in itself is a perfect excuse for a scarf.
4) Green.  I love variations on green - this grassy type of green, more retro avocado shades, mint, turquoise, teal (which have large amounts of blue in them, I know...)

1) Flats.  I am a walker - I love wandering and exploring, so flat shoes are essentials.
I love ballet flats and flat boots and trainers.  Although I have quite a few pairs of heels - mostly wedges, I think, I hardly ever wear them cos I can't walk in them for ages.  Fashion lesson: Don't buy any more high heels.
2) Leopard print.  I think a hint (not head to toe!) of leopard print is fabulous.  In my wardrobe, there are a vintage 60's leopard print short coat, a leopard print scarf and a leopard print shirt.  The flats in this pic died a while ago, but a new pair are on my wishlist.
3) Waistcoat/mannish style.  "Mannish" as my late nanny would say.  As you can see from the photos so far, I seem to like simple clothes in general...not a lot of patterns or detail.  In fact, some of my outfits are quite masculine.  I do still like a dress, and I have quite a few, but I think in general, the fashion lesson here is;  I shouldn't buy so many dresses as I don't really wear them so much.  I still have this waistcoat, by the way, but I changed the buttons to silver ones with anchors on them.  Much better.
4) Skinny jeans - they seem to work for me - even though I don't have the skinniest legs in the world.  I like the look of them and how they also really show off your shoes.
5) White t-shirt.  I am constantly on a mission for perfect white t-shirts.  I like them longer and with a v or round scooped neck.  I also like a bit of detail such as a puffed sleeve or an interesting cut like this one.  I plan to try and copy this one - it died a while ago, but I still have it to use as a pattern.  They also kind of highlight whatever else you are wearing such as interesting jewellery or a nice scarf.


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