Lessons from my Wardrobe Part 1

It's another rainy day and rather than attempt to make the obi for the doll I am making my daughter, I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and look at some old photos.  Suddenly, I had an inspiration!  As you may know, I am on a mission to create the perfect wardrobe - a pared down selection of great items that I can wear all the time, that look and feel great and that all go together.  The 20% of the "we wear 20% off our wardrobe 80% of the time". But just the 20%.  Anyway - as I was looking at some old photos, I noticed that some of my outfits looked really great, and I thought that this would be another way to research what really suits me and what I love to wear.  Unfortunately, many of these clothes have fallen along the wayside - from everything to moving houses and countries, losing and putting on weight to things being lost in the post, but still - the inspiration is there.

My style is not very earth-shattering - I am no Lady Gaga nor do I consider myself a fashion victim. Outfits I wore years ago, I would probably still wear today.  It's just a matter of narrowing it down to the best of the best, innit?

Thus - I bring you Outfit One.

This was taken back in 2005 or 2004 when I was a student in France.  Fashion tips to note here;

1) The colour camel - I love tan and camel especially in jackets.  In fact, I still have this jacket.
2) Peacoat jackets - I have quite a few peacoat type jackets still.  I like the nautical feel of them.
3) Cream rib-knit polo neck jumper.  Something to add to my wishlist, I think.  I have been uninspired in the jumper department of late, but I think that would be a classic.
4) Dark denim.  For jeans, I am indigo all the way.
5) Adidas shell toes.  Wow - I had forgotten how much I love a shell toe.  I have been in Converse for a while, but perhaps when my next pair of Converse falls apart (eherm - some of them might be Chinese fakes...eherm... and thus a bit crap), I might go for some shell toes.
6) The fringe.  I still love a fringe.  LOVE.

And Outfit Two;

Please excuse the pose.   It is probable that I was not sober in this shot.  Student life, eh?  Fashion tips to note here;

1) Camel again!
2) Bomber jacket - this lovely got lost in the post on the way back from France.  Sigh.  However, I am still on the look-out for the perfect tan leather bomber.  One day, it will come my way.
3) Neutral bag - they tend to go with every outfit, but I think it's good to have one with a bit of interesting detailing.
4) Fantastic shoes - these little burgundy stiletto boots are still with me.  I must make sure to wear my fab shoes out more often.  I do have a rather extensive collection of great shoes sitting...waiting...

See?  Now I have a little more idea of my ultimate style...and a reminder to get some old faves out of the closet and wear them again.  Next episode very soon.  What are some of your best fashion moments?


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