Oh! My Love and me! Oh! We're Sugar-free!

And why the picture of the single cover from a bad 80's band?  It's got to do with the sugar-free.  In our household, we are trying to go sugar-free in an attempt to 1) clear up the rash on Baby O's face and 2) improve our general state of health.  Of course, sugar-free does not necessarily mean treat-free.  I made these cupcakes - the choc-orange ones but without the orange, so umm - just chocolate.  They came out quite yummy if you like super dark chocolate, as I do.  I would perhaps add a tad more honey to make them slightly sweeter.  I'll keep you updated on any more experiments in sugar-free cooking as I go along.  Do you have any favourite sugar-free recipes?


  1. Hi Elise, have you heard of stevia yet? It's an all-natural sugar substitute that can be used in cooking and baking. Be sure to check it out and share your experiences! I'm always looking for new recipe ideas to add to my site!

    See ya!


  2. Hi there - yes - I've seen it mentioned around, but haven't tried it. I will have to check it out if I can find it here in Japan. :)

  3. I'm sure you will find it quite easily! Did you know that stevia takes up 40-50% of the sweetener market in Japan, making it the number 1 sweetener there? ;-)


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