She's here!

Actually - she arrived a week ago in an epidural-free mostly natural birth,  but I was in hospital until Monday, and now we are home and having a lovely time together.    Am a bit amazed and dazed and very happy as is the lovely Mr O.

At the moment, I am still getting a grip on things, so am using some disposable nappies at night and baby wipes just until I get into the swing of it all (and I heal from the birth so can move around more freely!).  Sewing and craftiness is a bit on the back burner for now, but if she continues to be such a placid little person, I should be good to go again in a few weeks, I hope.

Happiest days ever!


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy this special time getting to know your little lady. Merry Christmas !

  2. Congratulations Elyse! I have been a bit slow on my blog reading lately so have only just read your baby post. What a wonderful Christmas present - hope all is going well....

  3. Thank you! It's very exciting, Still - she is so small and sweet,'s hard not to fall in love. :)


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