The nursery

Here are some shots of the bebe's room which is pretty much ready to go now.  We tried to do as much of it in a thrifty and eco fashion as possible.... In the above pic;
1) Cot - free from Freecycle - but with a new mattress
2) Hand me down and handmade sheets
3) Handmade breast-feeding pillow and change pad
4) Basket thingie - already had - filled with hand me down nappy covers and new cloth nappies
5) French weather chart from the fleamarket - I think it was maybe 200yen?

1) Handmade banner (the one with her name...but I blurred it out..haha)
2) Handmade curtains - the visible ones cost about AUD50 (Mr O chose the babushkas) and the ones behind which you can't see cost about AUD4
3) All frames and ornaments I already had

 1) The old red chest used to be my coffee table many moons ago in Shanghai
2) Baskets were bought in a market in Ubud, Bali - also many moons ago
3) Toys are all gifts or handmade

1) We already had the chest of drawers - it was a gift, but it's too small for my stuff
2) Mirror from the fleamarket
3) Basket from some flowers I got sent for my birthday
4) Pics and ornaments are all either gifts or things I already had

An overview - the green rug comes from the supermarket - 1980yen.  :)

Mr O and I are pretty pleased with the finished effect - cute but not too "baby-ish"  - not too many pastels and not a damn teddy bear motif in sight.  YAY!  Now, all we need is a baby.  Two weeks to go!


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