Sewing for kids: Teeniest skirt ever...

I whipped this little number up yesterday from one of the books I got from the library...I am a bit disappointed in it, though.  It was meant to be a 75 (i.e approx 3- 6 months size), but although I actually increased the measurements, it still came out 0-3 months size, if that.  Ah well, if it doesn't fit, the dollies can wear it.  The top two fabrics and the elastic came from the fleamarket and the bottom tier is made from scraps leftover from curtain making.

I would like to find a site that gives good average measurements for babies and kids. Until she comes along (only 3 weeks or so to go, thank goodness), I have to guess - and it would be useful when making stuff for friends as well.  Anyone got any ideas?

There'll be a bit of a hiatus on the cute things I made front for the next week or two as I have boring white futon covers to make and trousers for my mother-in-law....blah.


  1. I can't tell you how many things I've made which have turned out too small! At least when they're on the big side you can do a little bit of a gather and tuck....


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