Sewing for kids: Baby blankie etc..

Finally, I finished this yesterday - which I am pretty stoked about as I am a slooooow knitter.  It's a snuggly blankie for the bebe - although I quite fancy it as a lap rug - it was very cosy last night when I was studying Japanese.  :)  It's also very thrifty and quite eco;

1) Five of the stripes were knitted from fleamarket wool at 40 yen a piece
2) The two pinks and the white stripes were from balls my mum had leftover
3) The orange was given to me by a friend when she was decluttering
4) One cream stripe was leftover from a scarf I knitted my father-in-law last Xmas
5) The turquoise was bought in Shanghai for about a dollar or two ages ago
6) Only the last cream band was a deliberate purchase for this project and I got it from Daiso for 105yen.

Anyway - I hope she likes it - although I am guessing mostly she will just drool on it.  :)  I'll take that as a sign of appreciation.

P.S. I also made these for my friend's baby - little sunhats and matching pants.  The sunhats were a total pain to make - but so cute.  :)  Might make some for summer for my little friend too.  One day.


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