So loud, I can't sleep!

I wake early these days - leg cramps and a kicking baby, so it's a good opportunity to get in and do some sewing in the early mornings.  Today, I whipped up a couple of pairs of PJ pants - using a vintage McCall's pattern 5818 from 1977 (grrrrrooooovy) which I either got from my mum or grand-aunt or at an opshop and some very loud but cool fabric that my mother-in-law bought me at the flea market.  The drawstring I bought many moons ago in China.  The seller was's 2rmb a metre or 5rmb for the whole roll... Hmmm.  So - PJS for virtually FREEEEEE.

It's part of my capsule wardrobe dream to have nice PJs...instead of mismatched old ones with my husband's old t-shirts.  Hm.  I have a couple of pieces of clothing that I am going to remake into tops to go with them and I might treat myself to a couple of t-shirts to match too.  Decadence.  For the full heat of summer, I still have some fabric left over, so I am going to make some little shorts, like the ones I made out of the futon cover.  For deepest winter, I have some pink and white striped flannel which I think I might have got at Vinnie's or a jumble sale...


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