Sewing for kids: Balls!

When I look around at the toys available for little people, I kind of want to vomit when I see all the pink and the plastic and the battery operated and so on.  I mean, seriously - a battery-operated bouncer?  Please!  There is no way the lady is getting any of that crapola.  Thank goodness for beautiful wooden toys like Brio and Plan Toys and sewing.  :)  Yesterday, I  finished these little lovelies - made from fabric scraps and a free pattern from Grand Revival Designs.  I added a bell in the bottom one, rice in a film canister to the middle one and tags to the smallest one to give her a bit of diversity.


  1. ooo thank you, I think this may have inspired my next sewing project!! I totally agree with you on the toy front.. hate all those pink and blue plastic things that break, old school wooden toys and hand made are the best! Thanks for sharing this pattern, I think I may use this =)

  2. No worries! It's simple and easy to follow. :)


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