Sewing for kids: Today's sewing

Am on a bit of a sewing roll...must be the cooler temperatures today.  Thank goodness!  So far, I have made this little pram blankie out of one of Mr O's old scarves.  As I was saying to my friend, E, who is a bit sad these days, one cannot be really sad when one looks at pom pom trim.  Anyway - I think that was a bit of a recycling coup - old scarf, some vintaaaage flannel I had, applique made from scraps and some pom pom trim that I bought for another project but never used.    And then, just some bibs that are awaiting their buttons.  I gave some of the other ones I made away to friends, so thought I had better restock.  These have nice soft flannel on the other side.  I let myself go a little bit girly this time.  Not so much into full on pink for the bebe, but a little hint of it is nice.

Now, I have to go and bind some washcloths...MAN!  I bought them on Etsy from a seller who shall remain anonymous as I have already complained to them, so am not going to tell the whole world.  Seriously though - I thought I would support handmade by getting organic washcloths for the bebe on Etsy...and these pathetic little scraps of organic fabric turn up - tiny and just zigzagged stitched once around the edges.  How can people SELL that crap?  I know - they did - to me, but I would be too embarrassed.  Anyway - I am binding them with cute bias binding to cheer them up and make them look decent.


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