Nanna knits

I know - I rave about snail mail all the time, but it truly is the BEST.  Today, more joy came through the post including these very cute little handknitted items from mumumade on etsy.  The wool on the little green jumper is soooo soft.  I love the retro style of these - I really want to dress the little one in real kids' clothes - not into all the mini-adult stuff that is available.  YUK.  Simple and cute and vintage styley.  And handmade!  Also - these are Australian-made, which is a refreshing change on etsy as it is so America-focused in general.  Hoorah!  Oh - and did I also mention that the price was super-reasonable?

The colour came out a bit weird on the jumper - it's actually a gorgeous minty green.

Hm - I fear there may be quite a few confessions to make when I review this month's shopping...oops.


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