Sewing for kids: Homemade cloth nappies

I finished these off today - the first little bundle of prefolds for the little baby's bottom.  I kind of mixed and matched a few tutorials and nappy sites to get the ultimate design.  Some of the flannel came from a friend - we swapped vintage clothing and handmade goods for vintage and new fabric and the other came from my secret awesome opshop fabric location and cost....about AUD0.50?  If that?  haha.   Inside the centre panel there are old handtowels that were a bit grotty - clean, of course, but they had seen better days. And to hold the nappy clips - waffle kitchen towels which I got at the supermarket for 380yen.  Now, if the dudes at Juki can fix my damn overlocker properly this time, I can make the rest!  Tomorrow, I will cut the next size - 50x50cm.  These are about 40 x 40 or 45 x 45 ish.


  1. So good to see stashed fabric being put to good use, can't wait to see pics of little miss in her cloth nappies.

  2. I can't wait to see the little bottom..awww...


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