Capsule Wardrobe

Soon, I will be kissing this squish goodbye (actually - a lot of it has already gone - yay!).  I am aiming for a capsule wardrobe.  Why?  To get rid of all the stuff I never wear, that doesn't fit and that goes with nothing else.  To prevent random impulse buys.  To stop wasting money and work towards a sustainable wardrobe.  And, because I am a vain puppy, to always look and feel goooood.

Now, what goes into a capsule wardrobe?  I found some nice ones at and while I am not about to copy them slavishly (I am not really into trench coats for example), I like their ideas of key pieces.  For example for spring/summer next year (am skipping to then as I will no longer be pregnant!);

"Blouse" (I hate that word)
Casual top (not t-shirt)
White shirt
Singlet top
Dressy singlet top
Smart cardigan
Patterned sweater
Day dress
Casual jacket
Hip length blazer
Evening dress (I added this one instead of a trench)

Of course, I am not going to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe - I am going to start by shopping in my wardrobe - which I have started doing mentally - looking at what I have and seeing which category it fits into.  I find I have more than one of some of those things, so it's a good time to be honest about which ones fit well, look great, go with other things...but I think it's OK if I end up with more than one piece in a category for now.  Time will tell which ones I keep going back to.  Once that is sorted, I just need to add basics like tshirts, a couple of cool light dresses for at home, pick up the ones that are missing (trousers for example) and work on fabulous accessories - again - shopping from my wardrobe first.  I'll be posting blog entries and pics online as I go.  Wooohoo.

As for the rejects?  Sell, freecycle or cut them down for the house frocks or summer PJ pants/tops or items for the little friend on the way, and as a last resort - a trip to the recycling depot.  No worries.


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