Sewing for kids: Sweatshoppin'

Well, I may not be supporting any sweatshops as I sew stuff for the bebe myself, but as Tokyo's summer heats up and the humidity rises - there's definitely some sweating going on.  Ew.

Finished this change mat today - it was a pain to get the three layers all smooth and not caught up and so on and so forth - so I'll be putting off making the spare one (one to use, one in the wash) for a little while. Meanwhile - the breastfeeding pillow covers are driving me NUTS.   I cannot put in zippers.  Fact.  I guess it would help if I didn't just make it up as I go along.  Still - one is done - and the other halfway.

Good news for the shopping ban -  I tried on my swimming costumes today and there seems to be enough room in them for at least a little while - although things might be different in the middle of the month when I finally get the go-ahead from the doc to get into the pool.  It's bloody hard to find a decent maternity swim top for actual swimming, not just for prancing around.  Feeling a bit yuk today so no mummy yoga or power walking.


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