Sewing for kids: Patchwork and a new hero

Thank goodness that is done - another patchwork cot cover for my small friend.  So boring.  Anyway - it looks cute and colourful and used up lots of fabric scraps, so that is good.  Then I tried to make a cute mushroom softie out of an old cotton sweater with some applique.  Ahah - disaster.   I don't know what it is about me and mushrooms, but whenever I try a mushroom motif - it just doesn't work.

Meanwhile, my friend, H, posted something awesome on Facebook today making her my hero of the month - she just started a one month low-impact experiment in Wolflake, Indiana.   Cycling, no electricity, no producing garbage and no buying new stuff.  Yes - I admit that its perhaps a bit radical for our every day lives, but not THAT much and certainly we could all do with applying some of that in lesser doses every day.  What are YOU doing to make a difference?


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