Sewing for kids: More bibs

Ah - more bib joy.  These little lovelies have old kimono on the back and front with fabric scrap embellishment and an old sweatshirt sandwiched in between for absorbency. Eco-tastic!   They just need their press-studs for closing.  I like this shape better than the slightly skewiff ones I made before - but am happy with the general cuteness of them all so far.

Now, I just need the J-fam to hand over some old sweatshirts and t-shirts for my next projects.
Oh - and in my scrap bucket, I found some more pre-cut "squares" - four-sided shapes, anyway, so I will be able to move faster on the second patchwork-style cover.  To be honest, it's a bit booooring to do.  I like instant gratification.

I am also waiting for some pics of baby equipment from a lovely lady who is selling them cheap/giving them away to see if any of them would be good for my small friend.  I'm totally going to re-freecycle/sell cheap our stuff once we are finished with it.  This doing baby stuff on a budget is excellent fun - I enjoy the challenge.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can get to the flea market - keep an eye out for good books and toys etc.  Happy days.

Now to the bum wipes.


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