Glorious order

It's amazing what you can do when you get up at 6am (which I always used to do...). Started my new exercise regime - I might be up the duff, but I am having none of the jiggly bits that have returned with a vengeance.  I want my muscle tone back.  I power-walked to the river - looking at water really energises me (but only blue water...muddy tea-coloured water just makes me depressed).  I know I am going to have a gorgeous belly and massive boobs - no problem - but I don't want a wobbly bum or thighs.

THEN...I got on with the massive nesting scheme.  I made sure I had one set of shelves leftover from my craft room move (still a work in progress), and I installed them in the kitchen (and to think I was going to go out and buy something!) and filled them with my funky and vintage kitchen treasures.  That bag in the foreground is set to be replaced by a nice handmade one - perhaps from a vintage teatowel and perhaps this afternoon if I can be bothered.  I cleared out and tidied the rest of the kitchen while I was at it.  Hoorah.

Meanwhile, I am still doing the What I wore list, and it's working well - I am really identifying what I like, what I use often and what I just wear cos it's there...and what I don't wear, even though it's beautiful.  Once the bebe is born, I am planning to basically strip my wardrobe right down and rebuild it with handmade and ethical clothing.  Summer first, and then winter.  Not a lot - just some really beautiful pieces that I love and will really wear.  The rest will be recycled into smaller people's clothes or cleaning cloths or sold or freecycled.

Shopping ban is going pretty well.  I did splash out on some gorgeous (mostly organic) baby stuff from Duns of Sweden and Smafolk of Denmark - loving that Scandy design aesthetic.  It was on sale, and I picked up some Chrissy presents for some small friends.  Usually, I would make them, but this Chrissy, I am going to be mighty busy, I feel as the bebe is due on the 16th December.  I am also picking up a good score tomorrow - an unused version of the baby bouncer I really liked at half the price.  YEAH!

Happy days.


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