Sewing for kids: Sewing frenzy

Phew - today's sewing frenzy has been brought to you by the lovely Mr O who has cooked, washed and vacuumed while I whipped up little numbers for our small friend.
For the bibs and hats, I used an old sweatshirt and fabric scraps for the appliques.  I admit - they are a bit wonky, and I'd have to perfect them if I were to ever offer them for sale, which I plan to one day - ones like that, anyway.  I'm kind of honing ideas and trying new things...
Now, I am working on a very poomphy change mat for the nappy bag.  I probably could have used slightly thinner wadding, but at least the bebe will feel comfy as its bum gets cleaned.  Nice.  It's going to have a little carry bag too.  Of mat, not the baby.
Bummed that the second hand bouncer I was eyeing off got sold - if anyone wants to sell me a Katoji New York bouncer for around 2000yen - let me know.


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