Sewing for kids: Patchwork for a little friend

I finally finished this today - it's been sitting in my uncompleted pile for quite some time.   It's a patchwork cover for a small friend's bed.  Now, I have moved on to bibs made out of an old sweatshirt type top.  That combined with homegrown tomatoes from the "garden" and the smell of sun-dried laundry cheered me no end after my restless night's sleep.

I am thinking of doing a post of clever/useful/cool things to do with old t-shirts.  They seem to be the kind of things that are hard to pass on to others.

Speaking of passing on to others, I have been getting into freecycling of late.  Have given away a bunch of random stuff and received a box of maternity clothes AND an Ikea cot.  Fantastic.  If you aren't a freecycler - you should get into it - it's great.  I am trying to get prepared for this small friend as economically as possible.  Am now on the hunt for a baby bouncer and a wooden highchair amongst other things.  I kind of stalk craigslist etc.  Freak.


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