Snail mail: More parcel joy!

Perhaps you have noticed that I am a HUGE fan of snailmail - and have recently (I shall unabashedly take full credit) started a bit of a snailmail revival in my small circle.  Haha.  So immodest.  BUT...if we were to be honest, is there anything better than a bright envelope or postcard tucked amongst the leaflets and bills that seem to come every day?  Or on some lucky days a parcel full of treats from a friend in another country like the awesome things I got today from my friend, Emily, who is now in London.  We can't have one of our coffee/tea chats face to face, but now I can have tea and think fond thoughts.  I LOVE this care package - thanks, darlin'.  I am now inspired to make my own little care packages to send out randomly to buddies.  Everyone needs their day a little cheered with some post.  Get on it.


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