A little bit of happiness

Nothin' fancy - just an icy cold decaf coffee and doing some sewing.  (of course - the unpicking part was not so happy, but generally...happiness).

My mum brought me some mags - hilarious. An article on what makes people happy and there was bullshit like - shopping at Tiffany and D&G shoes.  Oh people  - that stuff isn't really going to make you happy forever.  Damn those magazines are scary though.  I mean - who charges 400GBP for a pair of silk shorts?  (and ugly ones that look like pyjama pants at that).  More to the point - who PAYS that?


  1. Heehee, your right. I honestly don't like the look of those designer brands either and it certainly wouldn't buy my happiness but a icy decaf coffee and sewing... well that would certainly make me smile too!!

    I've been meaning to thank you for your comment on my post about the Tokyo flea market, thank you for letting me know that it's more likely to be at another spot. I can't wait to check it out one day, hopefully the sooner the better : )

  2. :) And it was damn good coffee too. I love my little espresso machine. No worries re the flea market. I love Tokyo flea markets - haven't been for a while, so it's time to hit them up again, methinks.


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